My Decision


I have made a decision on what I want, but if anyone were to tell my Mother, she would be very frustrated, so be cool people.  I have decided after a long time of deep thought that I am not going to University of Oregon.  It was an executive decision about what move to make next. I am going to Eastern Oregon University  Mom would love that bit.

Here’s what she might not appreciate so much.  I have decided on a double major of English and Media Arts in the focus of Film making.  Does that sound good to you?  As usual I am always interested in the opinions  of you people out there since I have no people in here to confer with.  I know that Mom thinks I can’t get into film production because basically it is too loud for me.  I disagree.  I think I can do it and I am gonna do it just to prove it to everybody that I can.

So there it is, a determined person looking to outsiders to tell her whether this whole thing is a good idea.  It may not come to anything, but it’s what I want, and sometimes it is important to do what you want.  If you don’t, you might as well admit that you’ve let yourself down because nothing comes of nothing, as King Lear pointed out.  It’s probably true.  If I don’t do this out, I may miss out on great creative opportunities,  so what should I do?  I leave it to you my lovely readers.  What are your opinions?  Thank you so much for reading, you’ve made my day!



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