Edmunds Abstract

This is an abstract that I wrote for my History class!



Native Americans, New Voices: American Indian History, 1895-1995

By R. David Edmunds


R. David Edmunds Article “Native American, New Voices: American Indian History, 1895-1995” explores the evolution of Native American historical research over the hundred year period of 1895-1995. During the late 1800s Native Americans were so displaced that it was almost impossible to get a history from them. Also the fact that the population was dwindling and most of their histories were oral, the histories of Native American people was almost lost to the world. During the years that followed, the only histories about Native Americans were those that were written by Europeans and left much to be desired. These European authors could only see Native Americans from their point of view. It talks about assimilation, and trying to destroy the Indian way of life so that Native American would lose their identity all together. It took coming together to make their own history to solve the problem. The most pressing question perhaps is, what is the true Native American voice and what does it mean?



Edmunds, R. David. “Native Americans, New Voices: American Indian History” American Historical Review. 100 (1995): 717-740.


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