Adventures on “The Lord of the Rings Online” Dwarrowdelf server!!

Hello all!! I have been playing the MMORPG “The Lord of the Rings Online” for about five years now, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. My first and only server had always been Dwarrowdelf, but recently the game developer Turbine decided to consolidate it’s servers for the game, and Dwarrowdelf was one of the servers chose to close. It meant that I had to transfer to another server, Arkenstone, which I did with a somewhat heavy heart because of the fact that good friends were going to other servers. Not only that, but Dwarrowdelf being my only server meant that I would be leaving behind all sort of familiar people that would come up every so often on world chat. It was a very good and friendly community of gamers. But, time marches on, and the game remains fun, and I am pleased whenever I spend time in Middle Earth, which I have done every Saturday night for five years. I love you all, my friendly dwarven, elven, hobbit and men comrades!! Special thanks to Warner Brothers, Turbine and the Saul Zeantz Company/Middle Earth Enterprises. Also to Billy Boyd and Water Tower Records for the beautiful song, “The Last Goodbye”. Goodbye to the Dwarrowdelf server, but may the game last many more years, for it is still beautiful, and people still enjoy it!! Thank you for reading!!

My first screenshot. Obviously I had not figured out the functions of F11 and F12 yet, hahaha.


Soon after, I got my first horse at the farm in Bree. I actually called him something very plain. However, I like my Rivendell mount Kenshin better.


I got my first house, but it was kind of a hole in the wall…


There comes that point when you have to put something in it though.


I know for a fact that Midges in the Marshes only eat hobbits.


This was once the great watch tower of Amun-Sul…Now it’s just just fun to jump off of. Don’t worry. If there were permadeath in this game, people would have given it up long ago. So goodbye cruel world…For like ten seconds…


When you go to The Lone Lands for the first time, take friends.


There’s always something interesting there.


And I may be small.


Some times you just have to hang out with the birds. I think they kidnapped me.


Or maybe I am truly the lost hobbit queen!!


Well I couldn’t be the queen, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get in on some reality TV!!

Next Top Model

Nope, wait…Show’s over… So instead, I became a Middle Earth Martha Stewart!!


In Evendim, you will find many strange things. Like Treebeard’s cousin!!


And elves who want to see more than I am willing to show…


And strange ladies hiding in mossy caves.


In Fororchel, you can find rabid Wolverines who feel they have to get in on the fight.


But if you go to Rivendell, you will find my favorite hero.


A little monkey jumping on the bed, she fell off and bumped her head.


Well you might as well take advantage of people while you’re in Rivendell.


Sometimes my elf forgets where he is…


But then again, he’s hot. He doesn’t need brains!!


When you get to Moria, you will find that Dwarves actually like nature. So much so that they brought it underground with them!!


Then again, sometimes you have to hang out in ugly places. Like Angmar…


Sometimes you wish you could barrel-ride your way out of there like Bilbo Baggins.


And when you get out of the dark places, there’s also exotic wildlife.


Damn Richard Armitage, you did indeed get short. From when I met Thorin Oakenshield. Sorry, no hot dwarves in this game…And also no female dwarves.


Sadly, I hadto move out of my house.


And we had a lovey kinship party.


And this is my very last screenshot on Dwarrowdelf.


And one of my first on Arkenstone…Don’t put up the Turtle head trophy in your back room. The green haze is so bad you can almost taste it.


And those were Lithodora’s adventures on the Dwarrowdelf server and the beginnings of new ones on Arkenstone. Cheers!!







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