Tales of the Driss, Krystal Dragons Now Available


After some adventures and trial and error in self-publishing, Tales of the Driss, Krystal Dragons is now available. I am hoping that readers of fantasy will now be able to enjoy it. It was one of the most interesting endeavors in my writing career as writing prose is not necessarily my forte. It is far easier for me to wrap my head around screenwriting, and even that is difficult at times. I felt the story of Kellen and Ferian had to be told. And since this book is the first book in a series of at least three the Driss and their fellow fantasy characters will be pulling at me for some time to come. Thank you for your readership of bot this blog, and hopefully, the book. The characters have been dancing through my head since I saw the portrayal of the characters Fili and Kili by Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner in The Hobbit movies. Now, Kellen and Ferian, the Driss brothers, have a world of their own. They hope that you will join them there. Thank you.